Live in your new home now, purchase it later: Rent to Buy

Why wait until you have saved for the down payment? Live in your dream home right away!

Pay rent and gradually accumulate your down payment. Purchase your new home once you are ready, paying the same price we paid.

How Rent to Buy works?

Contact us
Fill in the form on our website or contact us by phone, email or direct message on our site.
Choose your new home
Choose an apartment or house from all the properties available in the market that meet NUMAI requirements.
We evaluate the property
We carry out a professional evaluation of your chosen property’s value, construction and furnishing quality, as well as the developer’s reliability and documentation.
We rent it to you
We buy the home and sign the rental and preliminary home-purchase agreement with you. If the home is unfurnished, we help you to furnish it according to your wishes and we finance the cost.
You purchase your home
Move into your new home: rent it from us and pay the down payment in gradual instalments. When you are ready to become a homeowner, buy the property from us for the same price that we paid.

Terms and Conditions of the Service

Minimal rental period 1 year. After 1 year, you can purchase the property and end the rental contract with no additional fees.
The following fees apply at the start of the contract:
  • 1

    Contract fee – one-off payment to cover the costs of the legal and other advice, the agreement arrangement and other onboarding costs. It is calculated from the property’s sale price.

  • 2

    Advance payment the initial part of the down payment; afterwards, the down payment will be accumulated on a monthly basis. This amount is 2,5 – 5% of the property’s sale price.

The terms and conditions can be revised on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the client’s financial situation or property. All the rental terms and conditions will be discussed individually and established in the Property Rental Agreement and the Preliminary Sale and Purchase Agreement for the Property.

You can choose home based on this criteria

Located in Tallinn and Harju county
Apartments in Tallinn
Located within the city area. Year of construction - any.
Houses in Tallinn
Located within the city area. Year of construction - from 2000. In city centre, year of construction - any.
Houses and apartments in Harju county
Within 20 km to the centre of Tallinn. Year of construction from 2000. All properties are considered individually.
General requirements
Property price should be between €50 000 - €700 000. Pricier properties will be evaluated individually.
Distance to school, kindergarten and grocery store should be less than 3 km. Does not apply in the central area.
The property must be of an appropriate residential type. Properties of other non-industrial types will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
The property must have a separate and unique number and address.