Rent to Buy

It’s time to own your home
Don’t wait any longer - live like you want right now! Move into your new home, rent it and gradually accumulate your down payment. Become the homeowner once you are ready.
We created NUMAI to make the journey to owning your home easier and shorter!
Why choose NUMAI?

Live in your new home right away

Choose from any flats or houses available in the market

We will help you to make the best choice and will take care of all the formalities

We can help with the furnishing of your home

You will pay the same price for your home that we paid

We commit to selling your home only to you

As you pay the rent, you also accumulate your down payment

Rent to buy

Choose yourself when to become both the resident and the owner of your home.
You no longer have to wait until you have saved for a down payment or until you are finally ready to go to the bank. We offer the most convenient option – start living in your dream home now, rent it and buy it from us later.
Plan 'Min'
49 months
to accumulate down payment
With the plan "Min" you will accumulate the down payment in 49 months.
Plan 'Med'
29 months
to accumulate down payment
With the plan "Med" you will accumulate the down payment in 29 months.
Plan 'Max'
15 months
to accumulate down payment
With the plan "Max" you will accumulate the down payment in 15 months.

We work to make your journey better! In two years in the Baltic region we have achieved:

satisfied clients
clients became owners
€28+ mln.
owned real restate

Customer feedback

NUMAI is a team of professionals who don't know what word "fail" means. They are always there when you need them. They helped me to realise one of my biggest dreams - having new home in a great location. I will always be thankful to them!
Since we were not eligible for the bank loan, we are very happy that NUMAI gave us an opportunity to live in our dream home. I am pleasantly surprised with how helpful, knowledgeable and efficient NUMAI team is, which made the journey to living in our own home very smooth.
Thanks to NUMAI we were able to get our dream home, when banks did not qualify us for the loan due to my husband's nationality. NUMAI is a team of professionals, and the whole process was smooth and efficient.
Vanda & Jonathan
I give five stars to Numai. When I heard about Numai, I contacted them and that same week I was signing the agreement. As I don’t speak Lithuanian, they helped me to find the contractors for the renovation and the loft was decorated and furnished as per my requests. Also, I can say that is much better than renting to a normal landlord because they really solve all your problems - small things, but that makes a huge difference.
NUMAI helped us to move into our dream apartment. We got detailed consultation and advice when choosing our new home, considering all our needs and expectations. Thank you!
We just moved to Estonia, and since banks don't tend to issue home loans quickly to foreigners who have just moved to the country, we decided in favor of the "Rent to Buy" service. The solution offered by Numai was perfect for us, as we wanted to live in our own cozy home from the beginning, not in any rental apartment, and at the same time save money to buy the house. We became the owners of our home in half a year!
No more compromises – live like you want right away!